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14 May 2008 @ 12:47 pm
[Prompts] Table for rarepair_shorts  
So, after participating in my first couple of HP fests, what's next? Why, prompt tables, of course! I finally found a community where the tables look do-able (and actually spark my imagination), and for rarepairs, no less. Finally, some reprieve from all the H/D going on. ;p Here is the prompt table, with all prompts from Set Seventeen.

HP Rare-Pair Challenge
Author: realitiedout
Pairing: Bill Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy
Progress: 0/13
1. never really existed
2. to run great risk
3. misnomer
4. for what it's worth
5. that's what almost happened
6. raspberries
7. family history
8. folly
9. pining for normalcy
10. the same experience for you
11. some people stay
12. severe repercussions
13. diagnosis